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King Farm

Whitehall, MI
Established 2019

King Farm is a small hobby farm located on the outskirts of Whitehall, MI. It started with the purchase of the property to fulfill Jennifer's dream of having her horses in the backyard. Chickens and ducks were added to have a source of healthy non-GMO eggs for the family. Goats were added to provide milk, which can then be turned into cheese, soap, lotion and other goat milk products. Sheep were added to provide homegrown grass-fed meat.  In this day and age of people wanting to know more about where their food comes from we started to get many inquires of people wanting to purchase items. The farm morphed into an LLC in 2020 to be able to provide these healthy food options not only our family and friends, but the public in general. 

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About Us

A Bit of Background

King Farm is owned by Christopher and Jennifer King. Not only do we run this small hobby farm of ours, but we both work full time in the medical field. 

Our animals are pasture raised non-GMO, mostly grass fed, no antibiotic, or other harmful ingredients.

As we continue to grow through the years we can not thank all of our amazing customers and members all across the states.

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(231) 750-2965

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