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Goat Milk Soap

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Goat Milk Lotion

Soaps & Lotions: Quote

Goat Milk Soaps & Lotions

Goat milk has amazing benefits when added to soap. It contains many healthy fatty acids that help maintain a natural skin barrier to keep skin nourished and moisturized. 

We have currently over 40 different bar soaps available as well as a couple different types of liquid soap. 

Scents available in Bar Soap:

Rose. Lilac. Brambleberry. Island Escape. Bali Breeze. Clean Cotton. Sunflower Sandalwood. Vanilla Sandalwood. Midnight Waters. Tobacco & Bay Leaf. Shave and a Hair Cut. Honeysuckle. Chocolate Cashmere. Black Vanilla Raspberry. Dragon Fire. Coconut Cream. Peony. Lily. Ray of Sunshine. Lavender. Fierce. Pink Mimosa. Cherry Almond. Unscented

Specialty Bar Soaps:

Activated Charcoal Bar. Coffee Bar. Loofah Bar. Salt Bar. Honey and Oat Bar. 

*Seasonal (winter & fall): Alpine frost. Apple. Lingonberry. Sleigh Ride. Autumn harvest. Pumpkin Spice. *

Check out the Shop Button on the Main Menu for individual photos and descriptions as well as to order some for yourself! There is also a pickup option for those local to save on shipping costs. 

Soaps & Lotions: Quote
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