Our Sheep

Let us introduce you to our flock. All of them except for two are registered Painted Desert Sheep with the Painted Desert Sheep Society. These are "Hair Sheep", which means they do not need shearing as they shed their hair every spring. They come in many different colors and patterns and the males grow impressive horns.




Bandit (R&J's Texas Bandit) 

Bandit is our first herd sire, one of the first sheep we brought home from Texas, and one of the founding rams in the painted desert sheep society. He is a certified "Gold Star Ram (GSR)." Which means he has a total horn score above 94". His sire is also a GSR and he has 2 other GSR's on his papers.


Dragon (Dark Horse Dragon's Fire) 

Dragon is an up and coming herd sire. We brought him home from Texas in spring of 2022 and eagerly anticipate what he will grow up to be. He is a hard one to get a good picture of as he thinks you always have food for him.


Jameson (Dark Horse Jameson)

Another up and coming herd sire and half brother of Dragon. He was brought home from Texas spring of 2022. We also eagerly await him to grow up as well.




Josie (Serendipity's Josie)

One of the original sheep we brought home from Texas in 2020. She is usually the one that is the hardest to catch. She is wary and does not like strangers, but when bred to Bandit her babies carry 6 GSR's on their pedigree.


Fancy (Mordecai Farms Chocolate Fancy)

Our herd matriarch. She is large and in charge, but she is the friendliest sheep we have. She is the first to greet people and loves animal crackers. Since sheep like to flock together she makes it easy to catch everyone else, because they follow her into the catch pen. She is also one of the original sheep we brought home from Texas in 2020.


Estelle (King Farm KS Estelle) 

She is the only pure Michigan bred ewe we have. But she is pretty easy going so we keep her around.


Tornado (Circle6g's Texas Tornado)

Tornado was in the second round of sheep we brought up from Texas in 2022. She has 6 GSR's on her pedigree, which means every ram on her pedigree except for one is GSR. We hope for great babies from her.


Outlaw (Circle6g's Texas Outlaw)

Outlaw was in the second round of sheep brought up from Texas in 2022. She has 5 GSR's in her pedigree.


Storm (Circle6g's Cosmic Storm)

Brought up from Texas in 2022. She also has 5 GSR's in her pedigree.


Phantom (King Farm Texas Phantom)

She is a homegrown ewe out of Fancy by Bandit. She is becoming as easy going as her mother.



Our second matriarch of our herd. She was brought back from Texas in 2022. She was raised as a bottle baby so is friendly as well.


Mystique (King Farm Mystique) 

Another home grown ewe born in 2022. She was born roan and seems to ever change color, which is how she got her name.


Triumph (Alivizo Ranch Texas Triumph)

Another ewe we brought up from Texas in 2022.



Named for the shape of the rooster on her side. We brought her up from Texas in 2022.



Rounding out the herd are our dorpers. Rosa is the lone dorper left from our original flock of sheep before we moved to painted desert. Her offspring are raised as meat lambs.


2022 Lambs